The Fool’s Journey

Thinking of Tarot most people get a picture of a woman with a turban, in a semi dark room, candles and crystal ball, foretelling somebody’s fate and future – good or bad. Black or white, true or not?

Let’s look a little deeper into this.

The Tarot’s history according to the latest research dates back to 1450 Milan, Northern Italy, when an artist named Bonifacio Bembo painted a card deck which was meant as a wedding gift for a marriage between two noble families. This is a very sober and simple start for something that over the next 600 years was to develop into a spiritual system as powerful as the many traditions it supposedly draws from. Many scholars, mystiques, and critiques pondered on the big question what hidden wisdom might be concealed in the cards. With its roots being falsely assigned to Egyptian mythology, Kabbalah, Christianity, numerology, etc., research now shows that it is most likely rooted in Renaissance Italy with an effort to revive Neoplatonism.

The history of Tarot by itself would fill many lectures and articles, and there are several books written on this topic. And with more research and study going on, there probably will be more to discover. With this article though I want to focus on an aspect of Tarot that I value deeply.

For many decades and centuries Tarot was mainly known as a way to foretell the future, or as just a fun card game without much deeper meaning. Today there is a worldwide resurgence of interest and study in the Tarot. People of all walks of life are discovering the cards for different reasons, purposes and usages. While it is still used for predictive readings it also developed to be a counseling and coaching tool in therapy and personal development settings such as coaching. And yes, the fun part is still there too!

The way I think about Tarot is as a non-static and evolving spiritual system that helps to uncover our journey through life – the Fool’s journey, or the Hero’s journey if you like.

By looking at the symbols, and pictures of the Tarot card a person can get an insight of what is happening in her life at any given moment and time. The cards literally put her life on the table. If the querent is open for the experience she will be able to engage with the cards in her own intuitive relationship, tell the story, and unveil the underlying patterns of behavior, issues, incidents, or trauma. The cards serve as a mirror, and vessel to enter deeper realms of the personality. Realms the querent is not necessarily able to access with her daily consciousness and filters. To some degree we all tend to be in denial, and want to be protected from looking deeper into an issue, because it may be just overwhelming and to painful, but sometimes necessary on our path of healing and growth.

Once opening the picture book of her life with the cards the querent can discover the underlying causes of what is out of balance, and start a conversation with her soul being, her true self. Igniting a process of healing and growth the cards can provide insights into new ways of understanding, thinking and approaches to life.

The fluid structure and symbols of the Tarot offer a wealth of knowledge and guidance about life and life’s journey. It teaches us about the sacred journey of our souls, and reminds us that our spiritual evolution is an ongoing process, where we are the creators by using our free will to make conscious decisions every step of the way.

From May, 20th to 26th, the worldwide Tarot community will be celebrating ‘International Tarot Week’. We invite you to come to a variety of events in La Plata and Montezuma County, and share and celebrate, and go with us on the Fool’s journey. During the event we will be offering free presentations, free mini readings, and free facilitations of the Tarotgame in different locations in the two counties.