Tarot Blueprint

Tarot Profiles

With a Tarot Profile you get the opportunity to learn more about your true inner self. About lessons you need to learn in this life, and how you interact in this life and why. Knowing about some patterns which are inherent to your personality may give you a wider spectrum of understanding about yourself, and how to change certain aspects which may not be healthy to you.

You also learn what will support you in this process of inner learning, and what it is that you can actively do to unlearn certain things.


Tarot Name Profiles

Names carry certain energy and power in your life. It can be helpful to know about these energies and aspects which are hidden in your name to understand certain patterns and issues in your life. A deeper understanding of this may also give you detailed information on how to change things that are keeping you from growing and healing.

Particularly when you are considering a name change you may want to look into the potential of your new chosen name, and learn about its potential for your life.