My Readings

I do not foretell your future! There are way to many variables in the universe to calculate this accurately, and also I feel that with this isolated information you will limit yourself in becoming the director of your life. I view the dynamics of life as opportunities and challenges to learn and grow.

With a Tarot reading I will rather give you the opportunity to take a look at your life, at a situation, at a challenge, or a decision, or… you get the idea? The cards can also provide you with information on how to start your growing and healing process, and provide you with some tools.

In a reading we will literally create a ‘picture book’ of your life, supporting you in a process or a part of it of gaining insight with the symbolism of the Tarot. You will be empowered to change habits and thought patterns in order to make new, healthier choices. This can affect just an isolated issue in your life, or your whole life, if you so wish. Gaining clarity about something can enable you to use your free will to change things that feel stuck and/or unhealthy for you at this point.

There are different ways for me to read the cards. It all depends on the context, and what you want to work on, and how much time you want to spend.

I may use a fixed spread (like the Celtic Cross or a Tree-of-Life spread) to a get a broader picture of your life or current issue in your life. Or, I may just start with one or two cards, and let the session develop and guide us to what you need to know. I also may sometimes use the Tarot Game for a one-to-one reading. And I may also mix different decks and oracle decks when needed.

I usually decide about that after making a connection with you, and getting an idea of what you want.

If this resonates with you we may be a good match to work together.