Connecting To Your Inner Child








I took a test today. One of these online questionnaires that are so popular on the internet these days. The question was: “How old is your inner child today?”

Of course, this quiz appeared in synchronicity with my thoughts about the New Moon of this month. On June 27th the moon will move into Cancer. The Zodiac sign of home and relationships, and all that relates to that. And with Mercury being retrograde this will be a great opportunity for you to relate to that very important part but also much neglected part of yourself.

When has your adult self last spent time with your inner child? Do you know how old it is as you read this article? Are you actually aware of it at all? Do you know who it is, and how it makes itself known in your world?

In psychology the term ‘inner child’ is used to refer to that part of you, that stores all the memories of the time from conception until pre-puberty. These memories can be good or bad depending on how you were taken care of, loved, nurtured, or in the opposite neglected, wounded, or traumatized during this time.  Subordinate to your conscious mind your inner child can have a lasting influence on your behavior and perception of your environment today.

If you are like most of us, and grew up in the western world and their societies, you most likely were held responsible for overcoming your childhood. Innocence, a sense of wonder, joy and sensitivity is not for the responsible adult. You are required to think and act with the rationality of an adult, and be in compliance with the rules set by this society. The child and all its potential has to be left behind and outgrown in order to be a successful participant in today’s modern world games.

But what happens really? Being part of your whole being, your neglected, ‘outgrown’ child aspects do not just disappear when you reach a certain birthday. In fact they have a tremendous, but also hidden and subtle effect on your behavior. Feelings of insecurity, loneliness, being lost and inferior, anxiety and anger can be signs of your inner child running your life at any point of time. The childhood trauma that was not healed but only buried can lead to self-sabotaging patterns in the adult person. The list of symptoms of passive hostility and self-punishment can be long. And for some of us it might take years of psychotherapy to find new ways of being in relationship with ourselves, and others, and our social environments.

During last weekend’s Solstice I had the chance to encourage a group of women to use the imagery of the Tarot to connect to their inner child. Using the archetypal metaphor of the cards we journeyed and journaled to rewrite the stories usually buried deeply underneath back pain, headaches, and other somatic experiences of a neglected part of ourselves.

I want to encourage you to do the same with your inner child today. It does not have to be a Tarot cards, though they are very valuable for this exercise. Find yourself a quiet place that supports a meditation, and a connection with that long lost part of you. Ask your inner child what it wants to share with you. A memory? A game? Some advice? Or a question on how to heal? How was that 20 years ago, when you felt so hurt? Can you be forgiven for that deed that has been haunting you for as long as you can think?

Take time to honor your inner child, and support and surround it with the love that was not available at that moment of time so long ago. Do some things that the 5 year old you, would have loved to do. Read that book again that comforted you when you were 8 years old. And commit to spending more time with your inner child in order to become whole, and heal the underlying influences that block you in your adult life of today.

And feel free to draw a picture with coloring pens in order to remember.


Happy New Moon,





Grounded In Faith – Traditional Approaches To A New You

The Hierophant - Haindl Deck

The Hierophant – Haindl Deck


Grounded in Faith – Traditional Approaches To A New You


Stubborn energies of Aries, lunar eclipses, intense astrological constellations. Drama, tragedy, uproar, uncertainty, break downs. We have been through some intense months on our journey into the Aquarian Age. It was and will be exhausting at times, and for those of us who try to consciously move through the shift of the ages, are in dire straits for a break.

The next weeks may provide this for us. With a Moon cycle beginning in Taurus we should get to a point where we will be able to catch our breaths. The coming month is about grounding, and building a foundation from where we can operate in a different way. We will be moving into a period where we can re-examine our role in the world.

The quieter, grounding energies will give us a chance to look at the changes we experienced, and what they are revealing to us. We will be given an opportunity to reconsider what matters most in our lives right now. But we also need to step forward into the world, and claim our new roles of becoming visible to our communities.

Who could help with this better than the Hierophant? This is the Tarot card that is associated with Taurus. According to Charles Stein, Hierophant means ‘he who causes to be seen’.  Another source translates the word into ‘he who shows (the sacred)’. The card’s meaning is often connected to conservatism, conformity, and honoring traditional values. It can refer to a teacher, mentor, or a leader of some kind besides other meanings.  

In this time of confusion where you may be left feeling uprooted with the need to re-connect to your soul’s purpose and work these qualities may be very helpful. On your way to new shores traditional teachings or a mentor who comes from a traditional background can be a valuable tool for you.

Do you remember that set of skills that you threw out on your quest for your soul’s purpose? The structured approaches handed down through generations? Now is a good time to connect to them again in order to re-evaluate your journey. They are the stepping stones while you are opening to a higher consciousness.

This earthy Taurus month will give you an opportunity to assess which changes you went through during the last months and how they relate to your daily life. One crucial thing is the evaluation of our relationships. Not only should you ask what is healthy for you at this point in your life in relation to other people and communities. Even more so is it important to look at your relationship with yourself.

Are you capable of accepting yourself fully and honoring yourself? Can you deal with the edges and imperfections? Are you still trying to hide them? Or transform them into some picture that was painted by somebody else, and that you adopted as your own truth?

Are the changes that you are going through in alignment with your soul’s work? Are you keeping your commitments? On first glance it may seem to be a contradiction that the soul’s work turns out to be a limiting but at the same time deepening project.

Being in a deep relationship with yourself can pose a difficult task to you. It requires living in the spiritual and the physical world at the same time. Doing your soul’s work requires commitment. Commitment to embracing the intimacy with the new you. It requires time and patience, and sacrifices in order to make conscious choices of how to be in the world. It might be time to leave certain things behind to make room for the new you.

There might be a need to re-evaluate your value systems.  The search for deeper meaning and fulfilling assignments and your true calling goes beyond concerns of material things as security, success, income, recognition. It is about expanding consciousness and the finding of yourself. And the bad news is that on your search for meaning you are on your own.

The task is to find ways to bring your work and being into harmony with your ethical principles and conscience. The goal is to find that personal understanding, wisdom and peace in order to live a better, more fulfilling life. The definition for this life is for you to formulate. Only you can know what is needed to be in your integrity.

This month it is you who can show the sacred. With discipline, symbolism and structure you can find ways to express your divinity in the world. The energy of the Hierophant and his traditional role of inspiring faith will facilitate the space you need to create the relationship of the absolute to the relative being.

And maybe you can find a CD with some Gregorian chants somewhere.

Happy New Moon,









From The Back Of Your Head

wildwood moon                                                                                                             The Wildwood Moon


On Saturday, March 1st the New Moon will be in Pisces, presenting us with its deep, mysterious energies. We will be entering a time which energies are beyond words when we try to describe them.  Though they are easy to sense and feel, when we allow ourselves to connect to them.

While we are experiencing feelings of chaos, worry and sometimes a deep sadness and fear we also understand on a deeper level that something bigger is at work this month. Something deep, ancestral, that is incomprehensible but valid at the same time.

Pisces energy understands the mysteries of life. It knows the about the eternity and infinity when you look into the night skies, while taking a glimpse of the sickle of the new Moon rising in the sky. It is the energy that enables us to understand without words the awe of the beauty of a sunset, the rainbow painted by myriads of droplets of water around a water fall, the light that moves through the trees at sunrise, etc.

Where does this knowledge come from? The qualities of this moon are corresponding with our subconscious mind. It is the memory stored in our ancestral brain that is triggered this month. It is the part of your brain where the spinal cord connects to the brain. That part that not only regulates our involuntary body functions but also our higher consciousness. It is believed that here is an immediate connection to the third eye which is positioned between the eyebrows.

In the medulla oblongata you store memories and images from experiences that you made and make throughout your lifetime(s), and beyond. The information stored here on a cellular level determines certain patterns and habits that you express, and it helps you to function in your natural, psychic and social environment.

The Piscean energies can support you in gaining knowledge of your subconscious, and the realization that our bodies are the physical expression of certain thought patterns. They evolved from whatever information we stored about certain experiences in any of our environments. This also means that you can reprogram your subconscious when you consciously converse any emotional, mental or physical quality that keeps you stuck somewhere in the past, and that does not serve your personal and spiritual development.

By aligning with your divine purpose and your true essence you can apply this corporeal intelligence to change the structures and patterns that you express today into something that will actively support you on your path to becoming healed and whole once again. You become the reflection of the immortal self, like the moon that reflects the light of the sun.

Think of this month’s Pisces moon as the transitional month from winter to spring. The one not ended yet, and the other not started yet. It is the link between our primal instincts and our conscious development. A chance of liberation our soul beings by removing memories and patterns that no longer serve. It is the month where we awaken to our true purpose.   

Try to connect to your consciousness by meditation on the relatedness of all things. Engage in creative activities. Write a poem. Paint your soul picture. Create a sculpture of the big picture. Or engage in ecstatic dance to break through the barriers of the conscious mind in order to connect to the hidden and mysterious qualities of this Piscean moon.

Happy New Moon!

Owning your brilliance!

Star - Crowley                                                                                                  The Star – The Crowley Tarot


Owning your brilliance!

One of my favorite books is “The Little Prince”, by Antoine de Saint- Exupery. In it is a sentence that I find relates very much to this Aquarius New Moon:  “All men have the stars, but they are not the same things for different people.”

This is our second New Moon in January, and this year. Being just another Super Moon it has an even higher impact on us and our energies, helping us accelerate in what we are trying to accomplish during this time.

We are in January and the beginning of a New Year. The first month of that New Year is almost over and the wheel once again moved into the position of the renewal of the light. Going through our processes during the last few months we visited our darkest spots, and have explored, healed, recreated, and discovered. Now, with spring approaching it is time to come back. It is time to come back into this world of action and manifestation, and to apply what we’ve learned on our journey into the underworld, and in different cultures this time is celebrated with festivals of hope and introspection.

In this month of January with its Aquarius energies the introspection is not so much about what is going on inside of us. We already spent the last few months looking for what we need to heal and change. Now the introspection is with the intention to look deeply into how we can apply what we learned. It is about how we can move on from what we healed into something new, and how to build something new from that. Be it relationships, be it our communities, our world, our changes, whatever it is we need.

What does that mean for you?

This kind of introspection asks to locate the place where and how you are woven into this big universal net. It is to recognize that you are part of the whole, and that at the same time everything is a part of you. It is about recognizing and accepting who you are, and how you are expressing it. It is the discovery of how you are supposed to live who you are, and also how you are being supported by the universe and by the divine to bring into the world what you are supposed to bring into the world.

In the Hebrew traditions the Holiday of Tu B’shevat was celebrated a week ago. Tu B’shevat is the festival or celebration of the birthday of the trees. The trees are being remembered as the beautiful ancient beings that provide us with infinite beauty and goods. They feed us, the give us shade, and building material, they protect our soil, so we can plant. Take a moment and imagine all the miracles the trees create for us in the material work.  But the remembrance goes way beyond that. Trees have a spiritual significance to the people, and the world. In the past I attended beautiful rituals and celebrations where we went into the reflection of this.  

What we remember when we celebrate the trees on that day is the budding growth that lies dormant in the soil, and we use this picture as a metaphor for what is lying dormant in us. Now in January is the time where the saps start flowing in the trees. This is another metaphor for the energies that are starting to flow in us to get us out of our dormant state, and into a process of creating and recreating. It is the process of renewing ourselves, and how we contribute to life in the bigger picture. It is the time to look at the opportunities that we have to grow. We look at how we can become strong and deeply rooted, so that we can reach toward our highest possible spiritual and personal growth and development.

Another example is the Celtic tradition where on Feb, 1 the festival of Imbolc is celebrated. It is the birthday of Brigid. She is a triple goddess who encompasses all the aspects of the divine feminine. She is the ruler of water and fire, the patroness of healers and poets, and blacksmiths, and reminds us of our own true potential and how we dedicate it to the rediscovery and remembrance of our divine power. She reminds us of who we really are. But on some deeper level we often cannot connect to this because it is beyond of everything we can perceive and imagine. It often goes beyond our rational understanding to put the things that we already know into action.

Brigid’s Birthday, the celebration of Imbolc is the time for you to remember this divine power. It is the time to remember that this divine power lies in you, since you too are part of the divine, and the divine of is part of you. Being a warrior and healer at the same time she helps you to honor your polarities, and to bring balance to them so that you can utilize this part of your true being.

She is also the goddess of fertility. In this role she brings prosperity as a metaphor which reminds you of your authentic self, and the uniqueness your being. You are not a copy of any other being in this universe!  You are YOU! And as this you are a necessary part of the whole universe. You are very unique, and very special, and you have to bring something into this world, that only you can bring. That’s what your divine authentic self is.

And this is what I mean by saying ‘own your brilliance’. At the end of a long, cold winter, you are re-emerging into this world again. Your energies rising slowly, you are getting ready to bud and blossom, and to bring into the world, what is attempting to live in you and through you. It is this deep longing that you feel and cannot name yet, and that wants to start creative ways of renewal. It is a time when hope rises. It is a time when you have visions of this infinite power that is fed by the divine promise of eternal renewal. It is what makes you recognize your self as part of something bigger than yourself.

But there also is another aspect to this. Behind this whole process is also divine will. Part of our purpose is to express diverse and different aspects of our source. We are here to create beauty, and the potential of this beauty through our own unique creations. In connecting to your divinity you are bringing light to the world. You are shining like a bright star that lightens up the night. And by actively doing this you are an example for others. For people who are not yet at the place where you are. Who are still awakening, and going through the processes of healing and discovery that you already went through. By igniting your divine spark you encourage them to start their journey, to move on, and move out, and into their brilliance. By stepping into your power and being an example, you guide others through this important process.

Another aspect is that these processes that you are about to start now are long term projects. They are the big things that you delayed for so long. They are things like that training that you wanted to take for a long time but did not do. It is that community that you dreamt of, but never started. It’s that painting you never started, and the book you never wrote. By connecting with your inner femininity you get the support you need to become that teacher, painter, writer, the healer. It is the time to start the things that take a while to ripen. The Aquarius energies are the ones that support the start of big projects the most. Go out there and just do it. There are infinite possibilities for your self-development.

There are a few rituals that you can do to strengthen your focus during this time.

If you want to support your meditation I suggest you start with some sage smudging to purify yourself and your surroundings. Then smudge with some mugwort which will help you to travel to other realms, and to retrieve some ideas from the dreamtime. Of course you want to do this in a safe manner.

You can also take a white candle and anoint it with some sacred oils, like Frankincense or Myrrh infused olive oil. Find a safe place for your candle meditation. When you light it set your intention on what you want to know for this time of year, and ask for guidance on how to shine your light in the best way possible. Make notes in your journal.

You can also do a walking meditation. If you have access to a labyrinth or a medicine wheel do it there with the intention of receiving guidance.  But you can also go to a spot by a river or any body of water, and do a slow walking meditation. Get connected with the energy of the elements, the water, sun, the earth. Let the wind run through your hair, and let that be a symbol of your entanglement with spirit and the universe, and all the energies that want to come through you. Take in the sun light.

And of course there is always the night where you can do a walking meditation under the stars, and ask them to teach you, and guide you. They should be bright and beautiful in a New Moon night.

“Now more than ever the world needs your brilliance, your voice, your unique imagination, and your particular genius.” Gloria Burgess, Dare to Wear Your Soul on the Outside: Live Your Legacy Now.

Happy New Moon,



Alchemy of the divine – surrender

It is the beginning of December. It is the last month of the year where we approach the winter solstice as the turning point from dark into light. We are still on the descend into the deep dark places of our beings to meet our souls, and reflect and get visions on how to create what we want to bring to the world.

The New Moon is in Sagittarius in December, and with the Tarot we meet Temperance as the card to guide us through this cycle. In some decks this card is called Alchemy, and this is what this card is for me. It is more than simply creating peace from harmony and balance. The essence of alchemy is to unite seemingly opposite elements into something new.

Something that you never would have believed could be combined into something stable and fundamental.

Temperance encourages you to harvest the un-manifested forces of the divine that awaken something in you. She reminds you of these moments of awe and bliss that cannot be described with language. These experiences of stepping out of time, where there is nothing and nothingness.

“You have been stony for too many years. Try something different. Surrender.” (Rumi)

Temperance invites you to develop a new intimate and personal relationship with the divine. She wants you to open to the loving of the divine. She wants you to unlearn what was imprinted on you through society, peers, family and friends through the years, and that does not serve you any more.

Applying alchemy to your body and psyche you will be able to move through the density of stored patterns and believes. On discovering areas of your psyche where you are stuck and not living to your potential you will be able to activate new aspects by consciously combining the opposites. Thus creating new perspectives to transform you, and giving you the ability to connect to your divine source.

The energy of this card will enable you to leave your limitations behind by going deep inside to explore your soul with the intention to reemerge to a world of joyful light and infinite possibilities.  

The questions that arise from here are how you can draw on these resources every day? What do you need to heal, to build, and to connect? How can you effortlessly expand beyond your limitations?  In which ways can you apply this transformational energy to the world you live in?

altar adjusted


       Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
       and right doing there is a field.
       I’ll meet you there…
       When the soul lies down in that grass
       the world is too full to talk about. (Rumi)



One way to build the bridge between your spiritual world that you discover and which will unfold during meditation, and soul search, is to bring art into your life. Did you discover the painter in you yet? Or the singer? When did you last do any kind of craft-work?

Winter is a perfect time to browse the galleries in your hometown, or to visit a concert. In your home you can build an altar, or a space dedicated to the spiritual beauty that is so hard to manifest and put into words sometimes.

Find a space where you can set up candles, photos, pictures, and a bowl of water decorated with rose petals, some items from nature, crystals …. and, and, and. Everything that serves as a metaphor for any of your soul experiences that cannot express otherwise can find a place here.

This can be ‘the field’ where you meet the divine, when you need it.

 Happy New Moon,







Raven Medicine

13 Journey Wildwood Tarot



The new moon this month will be in Scorpio, and Scorpio is in Tarot associated with the Death card. Leafing through the many different Tarot decks in my house the Wildwood Tarot spoke deeply to me. It depicts a raven sitting on the scull of a reindeer picking on its flesh and with this uncovering the bare bones of the animal. What a metaphor! On first view it seems to be a pretty scary card. But its title makes it very interesting; it is called ‘The Journey’. In the position of the Celtic wheel of the year it is placed at Samhain, which is the harvest festival celebrated on the first of November, or All Hallows or Halloween.

In many cultures around the world different rituals to honor the ancestors and the spirits of the dead are celebrated. I remember a ritual where on the evening of Oct. 31, the night of the day of All Saints we went to bed early, turned off the lights, after setting out a plate of food and milk. During the night we believed the ancestors would return to their homes or the homes of their descendants. This was our way to honor them. In Germany, where I come from, the 1st of November is a holiday where people go to the cemeteries to take care of and decorate the graves, light new lights, making everything festive in honor of our forefathers, and the souls that went before us. The whole month of November has different days dedicated to the spirits. There is a day dedicated to ‘all souls’, and a ‘day of the dead’, etc. I still remember that these days were very quiet days, the radio stations would play only classical music, and many places of public interest were closed. It was a time to look within.

The veils between the worlds are thin around this time in November. On your journey around your very personal wheel of life you now have the opportunity to reconnect to your ancestors, and spirit guides for advice and healing. And this is what the inherent meaning of the death card in the Tarot is about. Seldom has it referred to an actual death rather than a metaphor for change and transformation. It reminds you to let go of things that no longer serve you, outlived beliefs and habits. It announces a time for you to go deep inside, and access other levels of your consciousness and being.  It is the perfect time to get in touch with your instincts and motivations. And you may even want to visit your ‘dark’ side to learn more about your fears. In a metaphoric way you may feel the need to go to the bare bones of your being. 

You can see the metaphor of death as a cyclic change can be seen everywhere in your surroundings. Plants ‘die’ in the fall to be born again in the spring with new growth and potential. Hibernating animals ‘die’ in the fall, and retreat to dens and burrows, to come back in the spring full of vigor and ready to reproduce. Bears often give birth to their young during their hibernation time. Even the sun and the moon go through their cycles of death and dying only to be reborn every day. Our seasons are a constant reminder of transformation and change. Journeying around the wheel we learn about the transient nature of life. Every moment is precious and every living thing is sacred.

Through transitioning and transforming your consciousness you may be able to induce strong healing processes on all levels of your being. I believe that an important part of healing is done on a spiritual level. Considering that you are a spiritual being, the root of your well-being as well as the root of your diseases is found there. Healing starts with recognizing things about yourself, your feelings, thoughts, and emotions, which can be an unpleasant experience. Yet, they are damaging to the wholeness of your being, and have the potential to manifest in illness and disease, and they need to be dealt with.

And after the work you shall not forget to celebrate. Part of this work is the acknowledgment that whatever you transformed was once part of you and important for you. With a celebration and honoring of the passing of an old paradigm you may be able to shift into a space of new growth, and beginnings.

Ritual and ceremony can be very helpful in this emotional and intuitive month of November. This is what the Raven in the cards teaches us. Raven has been the messenger of the void in many cultures. He encourages you to enter the darkness inside of yourself in search for answers and healing. Raven carries the energies of healing ceremonies and ritual, and brings magic to the world and your life.

A very simple ritual can be the cleaning and de-cluttering of your living space. It can be turned into a magical ritual by simply regarding it as such. On an energetic level it will link the spiritual and physical levels of your being. After this you may want to smudge with herbs like sage and copal for the denser ‘spots’. Don’t forget to open a window or door to let the negative energies out. With some sweet-grass you can call in friendly spirits. You can use magical plant waters to clean surfaces, and spray your room with.

 A series of cleansing bathes helps to ‘detox’. You can add salt, herbs like ginger or sage and sweet-grass. Essential oils and crystals are very effective too. If you don’t have a bathtub, prepare a pitcher with water with a blend of above mentioned ingredients, and rinse your body during a shower.

 When you have the time and sacred space provided you could embark on a shamanic journey to the Otherworld and meet with spirit guides and ancestors. Or you may want to visit with your favorite energy healer, or shamanic practitioner for some alignment and even deeper cleansings. And of course a Tarot reading might give you some clarity and guidance too.

 I wish you a happy new moon,






Live with cause

“Live with cause, as service to God, out of love” (author unknown to me).

October. Autumn. Brilliant colors and the transitioning into the winter. This month’s New Moon will be in Libra. Our associated Tarot card is Justice.



 The message of this card is to figure out and realize what the truth in your life is, and to follow your path. It is to get a sense of what it is that you want to achieve, and where you want to go, and how you can create this. And to trust into the ultimate balance of the universe.

 In opposition to human justice, who wants to be impartial, divine justice looks at all things. Divine Justice takes all of the actions you have taken so far in your   life into consideration. This means nothing else than, whatever you did in your past reflects on you and your life today. And it also means, that whatever you do today will reflect onto your future life.

 Some call this karma; I want to call it the cosmic balance sheet, and open a space for you to step out of the fear into love that is the highest form of energy in our universe. With this moon cycle you are entering a time where you are reminded to look at the lessons you learned in your life, and which ones you have not yet.




 What better time than autumn could there be to look into this. The season of changing colors, the falling of the leaves, and when we move from our outdoor activities into our homes. What strong metaphors.

10232012 Fall still 041

 This is the time where we harvest the fruits of our fields, and also a period of the internal harvesting of our doings and none doings. It is a time where we start our personal transformation process that will lead us during the next months into the depth of our souls. We are entering a place where we can rest and review, reconsider and (re)define our goals before we return to the outer world in the spring.

 On the Kabbalistic tree of life, Justice leads us from a place of confusion and conflict into a space of harmony and beauty. You will be comforted and nurtured, and healed from the wounds you took away from your journey until this day. You will be led in to a place where the soul and the body, self and Ego, higher consciousness and personality are joined. It is a place where the divine energies and the resources of your worldly manifestation are being balanced.

 This Libra cycle can support you in learning and understanding the cosmic law of cause and effect. What you do or don’t do today will ultimately affect your life in the future. The crucial thing you need to understand is that you cannot be attached to, or in control of any outcome of your actions. True transformation is to learn to trust the divine in balancing the universe. You do not know the bigger picture, or what role each one of us plays in it. To be in integrity means to develop that intuitive sense of knowing what the right action is at any time. With this devotion to the divine you will ultimately be supported in the development of you highest potential, and personal and spiritual growth.

 I want to encourage you to focus on building this trust into divine justice on your journey during this moon cycle. A good way to do this is to create sacred space in your home where you can return to every day and meditate. This can be some kind of altar, or a circle of stones that you lay out. Cleanse this space by smudging sacred herbs. Sit in your sacred space, and after some relaxing breaths focus on all aspects of your being, the joy and the sorrow, the pain and the pleasure. Both the dark and the light are part of you. Let the pictures and movies pass in front on your inner eye without judgment. When you feel complete close your circle. Keep a journal. Add items to your space that represent what you want to release.  Then start adding items that represent what you want for your future. Make it a colorful autumn scene, a symbol for transformation on all levels.  Be assured that even if you feel like you are getting off course you are still on your path, and that you can take corrections as you go. Meditate on the all-embracing energy of divine justice to bring balance to your life, and to the universe.  Maybe you want to add a Justice card from a Tarot deck of your choice, and meditate with her, listening to her advice. 

Happy New Moon,



New Moon in Leo – checking in with your inner strength

New Moon in Leo – checking in with your inner strength

The end of summer is near. Lammas was celebrated in the Celtic realms marking the end of summer, where on the Celtic wheel of the year the fiery energy of the sun moves into the water signs. It is a beautiful month of special lights, and abundant radiant life in the forests and fields. The fullness of the summer skies often lets contours and shapes of our surroundings melt into each other, and create something mythical. Boundaries disappear, shadows are cast, and the waning summer takes its last breath before moving into the bounty of the September harvest.

During the last couple of weeks I noticed that there was a theme hanging around in all kinds of different situations. It expressed itself in many variations. It showed up in readings, or in conversations, or in people’s actions: I found myself looking into the topic of boundaries.

These personal guidelines, rules or limits that you define for yourself in order to identify yourself for yourself and others. They are the ways of behavior and self-expression that you have developed and established during your life time. They reflect the different layers of your personality which include your beliefs, emotions, intuition, self-esteem, and spirituality. They are subtle impulses that effect every interaction with other people.

Have you checked them lately? Are you sure that they still are what you need today? Or are they left-overs from some experiences earlier in your life? Boxes that you built many years ago, and that are no longer valid? Did your values change? Your way of viewing life? Did you grow spiritually and as a person, but forgot to re-establish your boundaries?



This New Moon’s Tarot card is ‘The Woodward’ from the Wildwood Tarot. It shows us a hunter who is the ancient guardian of the wildwood. He stands as a symbol for the inner power that we gain when we consciously face challenging situations. Be it with others or with ourselves. This ancient figure is a reminder of the strength we draw from a supernatural source to move us through a process that cannot be solved with what we learned so far. It is that calm almost animalistic moment that we experience before we can take the next step in solving our problem.

Do you know how to find this strength? Do you know what will support you best during this moon cycle, and what is in it for you to master?


bear card


I would recommend taking a look at Bear-medicine. Bear is the great healer who allows you with her feminine receptive energy to listen closely to your dreams and the answers to them. She has been known in most shamanic cultures as the one to call upon when protection and guidance is needed. She is the one to call upon in stressful situations where we cannot see the way out. While she teaches us to be silent and still you will be able to listen deep inside yourself and let your soul reveal to yourself what is needed, and how to bring this into reality.

But not only does she teach you how to listen. By studying bear closely you can learn a lot more from her for your daily life. If you let her she will teach you to become a master of your resources, be it materially or spiritually. She knows of respect for herself and others, and how to establish healthy boundaries in order to not let herself be depleted by others. But she also knows about how to take care of others in a nourishing way. She is the healer who finds the right medicine at the right time by becoming still and listening.

I want to invite you today to become the Woodward of your soul’s forest. Find your sacred space in your house or garden, or a forest nearby, and enter the ‘bear’s cave’ in your meditation. Call in the powers of the bear and let her spirit guide you in your dreams so that you may find the sweetness of the honey in your Tree of Life.


Happy New Moon,




New Moon July 2013 – Taking Aim!

New Moon in Cancer – July, 2013 – Taking Aim!

Yay, we’ve come a long way. Can you believe that it is July already? It seems like we have been on a race since last November. Mopping up whatever we still needed to work on to make it through the 12/21/12 date with all its expectations, fears, and confusion. Then feeling confused about where to go from here, and what it is we are looking for and what wants to emerge and be shared through us with the world. Super Moons, and lunar and solar eclipses supporting shifts, new beginnings and endings.

And now we are here. July 2013. A Cancer New Moon, and the Tarot card to guide us through this moon cycle is the Archer from the Wildwood Tarot. In other decks you will find the Chariot in this place but for me the Archer describes best what is up for us this month on our path through the forest of our souls.


 The Archer – Wildwood Tarot

Looking at the card we see a huntress aiming at a goal in the distance. She is focused and balanced. Her intention is set as she controls the tension between the bow and the bowstring, ready to let the arrow fly and fulfill its purpose. The two dogs at her side symbolize the power she owns inside herself. What is the metaphor here?

Have you ever tried archery? Just for fun? Or for sports, or hunting? If so you will remember what it takes to release the arrow and hit your goal. What looks so easy is in fact an art and requires both a mentally, and physically steady and relaxed state. Only with patience and focus will your arrow reach its target. And if you are a bow hunter you will also need patience and an intimate knowledge of your surroundings and the prey you are after.  You need an understanding of what you want to accomplish, and how you are going to do it.

For many ancient societies the bow played a very important role in hunting and self-defense. And with our ancestor’s close connection to the spiritual world you can easily understand how the bow would also have a spiritual significance of its own. Many groups all over the world practice archery for exactly this reason, as a spiritual practice.

The role of the bow can be seen as the harnessing and transmission of your will.  When your intention is set, and you place the arrow on the bow the drawing of the bowstring harnesses your energy in a controlled and focused manner. In the time where you take aim you are balancing all the influencing elements that will take your arrow to its goal. When you release the arrow it will take your will and the sum of all your experience to its destination.

You become the master of your desires and ideas, and you balance the positive and negative, the strength and the weakness, to accomplish what is next on your path. And to do this you are taking all things into consideration – creativity, ideas, desires, intellect.

While I was contemplating on this great metaphor I realized that I myself am not in a very balanced state at this time, and looking for support in my environment. After spending some time in Nature, I rested on a big boulder way up in the mountains overlooking a lake overgrown with yellow water lilies. It was beautiful. While sitting there I realized how I deeply connected to the huge boulder, and it became alive, and my attention was suddenly drawn to a teaching from many, many years ago: Inyan.

yarrow inyan 017

Inyan – Lakota Sweatlodge Cards 

I remembered Inyan, the force of equilibrium. Inyan is the Lakota word for stone, but as in most indigenous languages it means much more than just ‘stone’. It speaks of the importance to look at your foundation and to create balance in your life. By connecting to the wisdom of the stone you can bring harmony to your surroundings. When you find yourself stressed and your sense of balance tilting you want to examine the influences that create this stress, and find ways to minimize them. It is the time where you need to set priorities, and release some of the pressure you placed upon yourself. By handling these situations with diplomacy, and considering all the effects you can stand more solidly when making decisions.

July seems to be month where you will take steps toward manifesting what you worked on so hard for the last months. Besides asking the Tarot for advice I also recommend a meditation, either in Nature sitting on a big boulder, or in your favorite place in your home with a quartz crystal, asking for the strength and stability that already resides in you to awaken and to rise through your being and be known to you.


Happy New Moon,











New Moon in Gemini – June 8, 2013 – Communicating Your Truth!

When we approach this month’s New Moon in Gemini on June 8, 2013 she will be taking us on quite a journey. Still under the influence of the Full Moon and the lunar eclipse from two weeks ago, we will enter a new round of Mercury, rx  (retrograde) very soon. This is a period of around 9 weeks, where Mercury slows down on its orbit and it seems like he is moving backwards. We experience this retrograde period three times a year, and it is always a time where a lot of things seem to be chaotic.

Personally I think that all these things happening simultaneously, is a great opportunity for us. Gemini is really facilitating the space for us where we can do some great inner and outer work, and come out on the other side with a new focus, dedication and commitments. Let’s take a closer look at the how and why.

First there is the chaos aspect provided by Mercury. Personally I try to get a more positive approach on this challenging Mercury period. I prefer looking at it as a time where I need a little extra focus on what I am doing, and become even more conscious. 

You can get prepared for some possible ‘physical’ damage by taking some extra precautions, like backing up your computer, getting your car checked, or making backup plans when traveling. You want to plan for extra time in case flights get delayed, the car does not start in the morning. Carry some extra cash in case your credit cards decline for no good reason, and pack an extra book for unexpected waiting times. You do not want to plan for big surgeries unless it is really necessary.  

Don’t sign contracts, unless you really have to. And in case you have to, read the fine print with an extra focus. Also, be prepared for relationship challenges, and don’t jump to conclusions, or decisions. Mercury rx is always a good time to focus on the re’s – like in re-cover, re-direct, re-coup, re-search, re-connect, re-do, etc. Like Mercury it is your time to slow down and re-lax.

The energies will start around June 10, and last until the first week of August. We have 3 weeks of moving into this time, followed by three weeks while it is retrograde, and then another three weeks to move out of them.

Now you want to look at Gemini itself. It is ruled by Mercury who is always looking for the truth, and in charge of communication and transportation. With it going retrograde in its home sign, it means that you will encounter some challenges in your ways to communicate, regarding answers, reflection, analysis, and understanding. You will find yourself in a place of oppositions and contradictions. The main task will be to look at the two sides of a story, trying to reconcile it into something that is livable for your own highest good, that of a person and the society you are a part of.

Searching for truth you will have to look at to which degree you are open to change. How you can get aligned with your purpose. What is your assignment for this moon cycle to connect yourself with your destiny and your gifts?

Let us look to the Tarot for some answers. Two Major Arcana cards are associated with Gemini. One is the Lovers, the other the Magician.

This New Moon gives you the opportunity to dive into the qualities of these cards, and use them to explore what will support your growth. It is the time to open yourself to change, and grow awareness of what it is you came into this lifetime for.


When the Lovers card comes up people think immediately about love and sexuality, romance, marriage, etc.  All this can be true, depending on where it shows up in a reading, what the question and the context is. But there is more to the card. Try to think about choices when you see the Lovers.  What is it that lets you make choices and decisions? Is it knowledge, a feeling, peer pressure, or what? What choices do you have in your relationships, your challenges, and processes? And how do they serve your purpose and highest good? Are they short-lived? Or do they serve you for a longer time?

Think about the necessity of making the proper choice in any given situation. What do you need to look at when you need to make a move, or bring two or more things together?  Are you looking at the bigger picture? Can you see what serves you best? What is the quality of your choice? What is the divine purpose?

And after you made a decision, are you committed to it? Are you aware of why you are here? What is it that you want to learn and experience?  

In the Rider Waite deck the Lovers card depicts an angel above a couple. The man is looking at the woman, and the woman is looking at the angel. The symbol here is that the man (male energy) cannot see the spiritual source behind all things. He is set in his rational mind on the physical plane.  By looking at the woman (female energy) he gets access to the higher meaning and power.  With that the feminine becomes the bridge between the higher powers and the physical plane. What that shows you is a picture of how every ‘relation’, and everything that we connect with serves a divine purpose. Love is the cause of what is happening on the physical plane. Without the power of love nothing can thrive.

This can also refer to two conflicting parts in you. It speaks about your masculine and the feminine aspect, which you are both made of. It refers to your conscious in relation to your unconscious, your rational mind versus your spiritual.

Your assignment during this coming moon cycle is to find ways to bridge these two seemingly contradicting worlds, and to bring them together. Only then can greater wisdom be revealed to you.


The Magician card symbolizes a gateway. Again in the Rider Waite deck he is depicted with his right arm pointing toward the heavens, and his left arm pointing towards the Earth. In front of him are symbols for all the elements. He is channeling the divine spark through his body, and from his heart he grounds the energy in the Earth, creating from the elements whatever it is that spirit wants to manifest. He combines Fire and Earth, spirit and thought.

Being an associate for this moon circle he points out that you need to take a look into the spiritual world, the universal mind, and at the same time do deep inner work. That will empower you to access higher wisdom, and show you how to apply it in the physical world.

This process and task needs dedication, commitment and patience.  And that brings you back to the New Moon in Gemini, and all that is in motion for you during the next four weeks, and beyond.

Gemini is the Air sign that deals with the mind and teaches you how to use it. If you are willing to listen and are open for new experiences it will teach you how to align your behavior and perceptions with your inner view and truth. Gemini is about reconciling the apparent contradictions. But you need to be honest, with yourself in particular. You cannot turn away from the truth which includes the light and the dark. You need to understand that you are both, and you are all. Exploring the depth of yourself, and finding ways to communicate this to the people around you is what empowers you to bring about changes.

This may get a little frustrating because there are a lot of quick changes happening right now. You need to be on top of everything, so you do not make everything wishy-washy, and lose your focus. The goal is to master these energies, and come out of it on the other side with a new focus and new commitments.

Remember the ‘re-s’ as mentioned above, and the qualities of the cards, and you will be prepared to ride this wave.

See you on the other side,