With an academic background in counseling and coaching I combine my skills with the spiritual wisdom of the Tarot. I find the Tarot to be a valuable tool for Life Coaching. With its rich symbolism it taps into different layers of your personality, unveiling issues and agendas that are usually not easy to access.

In an interactive approach I will follow you on your journey, and help you discover new insights into your life. With the help of the cards I will guide you to find the tools you need for your personal growth process.

I provide services around the Tarot as a tool for Life Coaching. This includes clarity and insights into your life, and finding new ways of problem solving and growing your potential.  My services include: One-to-one readings, in person, and online (Skype, Email, chatroom), Tarot Classes, Webinars, Personality evaluation, Workshops.

Services are provided in person, or online. They include one-to-one readings, email readings, online readings (Skype, chatroom), personality evaluation, classes, workshops, and webinars.